Reflecting Upon the Year

This reflection process has given me a whole new insight into my coaching and what coaching styles and approaches there are that I as a coach can incorporate into my sessions, in order to create the best possible environment for the layers to learn and improve. At the start of the year I was very nervous for this module as I had never reflected upon myself and found it very difficult to critically analyse myself for the better. Through the help of university and attending workshops which allowed discussions to be created regarding different styles, methods and opinions allowed me then to clearly reflect on my sessions and whether I create the best possible learning environment.

I have came across many different aspects of coaching styles such as Random, Blocked and Variable, Whole Part Whole, Constraints Led and Games Based approaches. What I did with these areas was researched what the literature says and then tried to relate this to my own coaching experience, on whether I thought it worked, what went well and what didn’t. Some areas such as the Whole Part Whole method and the Games Based Approach style to learning I had never come across before, so this was a great way for me to learn and expand my knowledge further as a coach. Not only was I introduced to these areas, I also reflected upon why questioning was important when coaching and to clearly see what my own coaching philosophy is and whether this shows during each session I deliver.

Throughout this process I have not only gained valuable knowledge and been able to broaden my ideas in terms of coaching, I have been able to clearly see whether incorporating different aspects into my coaching sessions have been successful/unsuccessful, and why this was the case. This then creates a good reflective discussion and views which I can then take into the next session I coach to enable me to improve each week. This process has also allowed me to delve out of my comfort zone in the recording my own coaching session and reflecting back upon this. I have always turned away from hearing my voice played back on tape, however I knew that in order to improve further I needed to reflect upon my own coaching delivery as this is a great way to see any areas for improvement as well as what areas I am excelling in and need to continue to do. I am now more confident in watching myself coach and hearing my own voice and this is something I will continue to do to improve.

The next step in my coaching journey is to carry on reflecting as I feel it is a valuable tool in becoming a better all round coach. I also need to continue to create the best possible learning environment for my players in order for them to learn valuably from each session. I also feel that giving them the ownership provides substantial learning and effective questions to take place so they can transfer this from training into the game environment.

This has been a thoroughly enjoyable and effective reflective journey and one which I will take away many different aspects, views and ideas from. I will continue to reflect as I am always willing to learn and try new ideas to aid in the improvement of myself as a coach.




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