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Creativity can be viewed in many different ways and there is no precise definition of what creativity actually is. In the Journal of Creative Behavior, they quote many different meaning of the word creativity and what different people may view this term as. The first definition which they come up with is ‘It is what creative persons do or make’ (Young, 1985). What this quote is suggesting is that we can come up with different ideas and new things, which we then can transfer these into our lifestyles or workplace to make things better. we can replace these new ideas with the old ones, therefore highlighting the creativity into making this happen or replacing it with the new creative idea. This piece of evidence is very credible as it can be transformed into the sports coaching industry very effectively. This is because a manager of a football team for example could have an idea which he/she has used for many years as this is the way in which they have been coached. However, if they attend different football courses which can freshen up their ideas and allow them to dig deeper into being a creative coach and allowing their players to be creative and try new things in a game, then this is replacing the old technique into something new. The information that the course has provided for the coach has allowed them to lay the foundations to build on something new and focus on a different journey to be more creative than their opponent.

Another definition which the Journal of Creative Behavior deems creativity as is ‘Creativity is the paradoxical integration of doing and being’ (Young, 1985). This quote is a valuable piece of evidence as this allows us to dig deeper into what creativity actually is. Not just taking into account fresh ideas and putting them into practice, this indicates that being creative comes by finding the balance between actually doing/undertaking the job and being that person that does this. Many people find this balance very hard and they will only focus on, for example in sport, doing the job of the coach because they are in charge, however what this Journal is stating is that doing the job as the coach is acceptable, however they must be that coach and that person only. Once mastering this balance and putting the two together, then creativity will show within the coach and the performance of the team will automatically be creative. This argument is very credible as it can be related to the sporting context in this day and age, as many coaches can’t find this balance, which they need to to be creative.

Creativity doesn’t just allow the coach to put their new ideas into practice and find a balance between doing and being, it can be seen in day to day lives. The picture below shows Lionel Messi playing football for FC Barcelona and this is a great example of creativity and how creativity gives off inspiration for others to use and try and aspire to be like.

Lionel Messi

The photo clearly indicates Messi showing his creative side. The fact that he is able to confidently receive the ball with a number of opposing players around him highlights the creativity within his game, to keep the ball and perform a creative action to help benefit his team provides others to aspire to be like him. What this photo is showing is that although Messi is being creative and showing creativity within the football game, this type of creativity is also providing inspiration to others, as they will want to be like him, so players watching this and witnessing this type of creativity will then go on to perform this when they play. This is then allowing them to be creative because they have been inspired by the top players.

Not only does this type of creativity give inspiration to sporting people, it also allows people to be inspired within education. This is because when seeing Messi in a tough situation and one which he has doubts with, this can be related to an educational situation also. When in education, times do get tough and many people including myself are found to be in a tough experience. They can then relate this view of Lionel Messi, as he was in a tough situation, however used creativity to get himself out and become successful. People in education can then use this to help them in their tough situation, as they can take on big tasks and use creativity to see rewards. The Journal of Creative Inspiration and Existential Coaching discusses the link between inspiration and creativity. What they state is that ‘By placing inspiration at the forefront of our minds, there is great value to be found through focussing on our sense of connectedness to the world, rather than taking an approach of isolation and solipsistic individualism’ (van-Deurzen Smith, 2014). This quote is a fantastic quote which summaries this part of inspiration and linking creativity into this. What this quote is suggesting is that if our main focus of our mind is inspiration, it means we will be connected to all forms of life within the world and we will be open and accept different ideas and theories, rather than being very isolated and only focusing on one idea and that idea alone. Bringing this then back into the creativity aspect, there is a clear link between inspiration and creativity. Placing inspiration as our main focus, whether that is in sport or out, it will allow us to become more creative as we will be more willing to take on board and accept new ideas and theories, where as if this wasn’t the case then we will be more inclined to stick to one idea and this will then become outdated and the creative side of our performance, whether this is as a coach, player, team worker or manager, wont occur and other people/teams may start getting the upper hand on us.

Creativity, as previously mentioned, can be determined in many different ways, depending on the type of person and what their beliefs are. The overall indication of creativity is that if the person is more inclined to be open minded then this will open up other opportunities for other ideas and inspiration to occur to achieve better than they are currently doing so. If inspiration is at the forefront of ones mind and thoughts then this will allow creativity to occur, not just in sport and education, but in every day lives.

Reference List:

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Young, J. G. (1985) ‘What is creativity?’, The Journal of Creative Behavior, 19(2), pp. 77–87.

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